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141 entries.
James James wrote on 10/09/2020:
I love this stone - has a wonderful feel to it. Thank you!
ljaneen ljaneen wrote on 10/05/2020:
What an amazing piece! My friend can't wait to wear this!
ljaneen ljaneen wrote on 10/05/2020:
The sphere is amazing and my friend LOVED IT! I want one now!
Gelu Gelu wrote on 09/25/2020:
It is a very nice sample containing small crystals of bismuthinite. I have crushed few grains, mounted them in resin, and checked with Energy Dispersive Spectrometry and electron microprobe and it is Bi2S3. Excellent! Thank you and congrats!
laura laura wrote on 09/18/2020:
Beautiful piece. Very happy with purchase. Received timely and safely.
laura laura wrote on 09/18/2020:
Beautiful piece of petrified wood. Great for meditation. Received much quicker than anticipated. Well packaged.
laura laura wrote on 09/18/2020:
Perfect. Received well packaged, and quickly.
didier didier wrote on 09/14/2020:
Beau minéral. Cette boutique propose des articles de bonne qualité à des prix corrects. Merci.
Blake Blake wrote on 09/12/2020:
Beautiful big specimen of bismuthinite, excellent price
Kim Kim wrote on 09/10/2020:
Very nice specimen & one unusual to find in it’s natural raw state😊 Items arrived well-packaged & plenty timely enough for us(especially w/covid effects on U.S.postal service at present). Thanks again so much for these unique treasures from afar,to add to our collection!🙏🏽👍🏻
Kim Kim wrote on 09/10/2020:
Beautiful soothing green tones to this specimen!💚I’m happy to hv such a nice raw version of jadeite,as nice as pictured & even prettier in person!😊😍
Camilla Camilla wrote on 08/27/2020:
Beautiful stone
Ritu Ritu wrote on 08/18/2020:
I send as a gift, and the recipient loved it! The store owner as very responsive, professional and easy to work with!
Kevin Kevin wrote on 08/15/2020:
A wonderfully translucent piece of white nephrite! Thanks!
Thomas Thomas wrote on 08/11/2020:
Filippos Filippos wrote on 08/05/2020:
Very beautiful raw piece 🥰 Deserve all 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Stokes Stokes wrote on 08/04/2020:
Perfect transaction love the product good communication
Kim Kim wrote on 08/03/2020:
So nice to hv a natural bismuthinite & one which has such interesting formations as this one! As a 1rst time customer I definitely Recommend this shop,especially for collectors of less commonly found specimens. Thank you again for combined shipping of my separately placed orders & for these Lovely new Treasures All! 🙏🏽😊😍
Kim Kim wrote on 08/03/2020:
Very Lovely & just what I was hoping for in a raw blue diopside specimen! The blue is actually even prettier in person! 😊😍
Blake Blake wrote on 07/25/2020:
Very nice pure crystal of sanidine, hard to find