Hedenbergite is the iron rich end member of the pyroxene group having a monoclinic crystal system. The mineral extremely rarely found as a pure substance. It named in 1819 after M.A. Ludwig Hedenberg, who was the first to define this hedenbergite as a mineral. Contact metamorphic rocks high in iron are the primary geologic setting.

This mineral is unique because it can found in chondrites and skarns (calc–silicate metamorphic rocks). Since it is a member of the pyroxene family, there is a great deal of interest in its importance to general geologic processes.

Hedenbergite has a number of specific properties. Its hardness is usually between five and six with two cleavage plains and conchoidal fracture. Color varies between black, greenish black, and dark brown with a resinous luster. It found primarily in metamorphic rocks

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