Shattuckite Sphere Ball African Stone Gemstone Mineral


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This is the polished blue shattuckite sphere. Diameter 3.7″ (95mm). Weight – 2.7lb (1223 grams). Origin: Africa.

Some information about shattuckite:

Shattuckite is a copper silicate hydroxide mineral. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic – dipyramidal crystal system and usually occurs in a granular massive form and also as fibrous acicular crystals. It closely allied to plancheite in structure and appearance.

Shattuckite is a relatively rare copper silicate mineral. It was first discovered in 1915 in the copper mines of Bisbee, Arizona, specifically the Shattuck Mine (hence the name).

It is a secondary mineral that forms from the alteration of other secondary minerals. At the Shattuck Mine, it forms pseudomorphs after malachite. It is sometimes used as a gemstone.

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Weight 1223 g